About Me


Who is Ripple? He was our first of four black cats. We adopted him in Mendocino CA on 9/10/00; he was about 6 months old. We named him after the classic Garcia/Hunter song on our drive home with him. Some folks we talk to ask if he was named after the 60’s hippie wine. He died on 5/23/08 three days after being mauled by a pit bull in our backyard. We were in Assisi, Umbria, Italy at the time. Long story.

I am a graying midlife agnostic Jewish male living in Berserkeley, CA, originally from the ‘burbs of Boston. I have lived in the East Bay region since 1996, living in the nearby town of El Cerrito before moving to Berkeley proper in 2003. I’m an INTP on the Myers-Briggs (But my N-S and T-F are very close). But there no doubt that I am an introvert. A 6 on the Enneagram, as is Sabrina. I will reveal my sun sign a couple paragraphs down, but I don’t believe it has any bearing on who I am as a person. I am Boomer/GenX cusper and I don’t fit all that well with either. I am an ectomorph, vata-pitta in Ayurveda.

I am in a long term committed non-cohabitating relationship with Sabrina Moonflower, named after black cat #2. We have our own two-bedroom condos a block apart. I walk back and forth as many as 5 times a day. Her street is an official Berkeley Bicycle Boulevard. It took us 12 years until we got bikes. She has a yard, I don’t, so the cats live with her. They’re indoor-outdoor: we bring them in before dark. We currently have Sabrina and Shakti Sunfire, black cat #4. Where’s #3? Her name was Arielle Lovestar and I will tell her story in another post. Yes, we’re a bit cat crazy.

I am a live music freak who sees around 90-100 shows per year in venues ranging from tiny bars to huge stadiums. That’s one of the reasons I moved here. I saw 173 Grateful Dead shows from early 1979 until the band’s final tour in the summer of 1995. I’ve collected a ridiculous amount of live shows on various media. I share a birthday with Phil Lesh as well as Sly Stone and Lightning Hopkins. Beware the Ides of March! The musician I have seen live the most after the living GD members is the brilliant guitarist Steve Kimock. There are good number of other bands who I see regularly. Maybe 8 in the 30-50 range. I am a jazz freak who is sometimes in the mood for late Coltrane. I am utterly enthralled by the decades-long musical evolution of Miles Davis.

I lived a quasi-monastic life at an ashram in New England for 7 years. A former enthusiast of alternative medicine and various newage (rhymes with sewage) beliefs and practices, I became a skeptic. Having ulcerative colitis as a teenager set me on that path. Along the way I suffered needlessly, but learned something. I have been in complete remission for many years now. I am legal in the state of California. I don’t drink alcohol at home. My other vices include dark chocolate and craft root beers.

My skepticism led me to question the liberal-left worldview that was ubiquitous in my world. I began to cross over to the right side, and when 911 hit, it was all over. In the last 10 years I have kept my conservatism 85% in the closet. It wasn’t easy during the 8 year long Two Minute Hate in the Bush Era or the Obamania of 2008. This blog is my coming out in a more public way. I am less interested in the nuts and bolts of politics and economics than the underlying historical, cultural, psychological and spiritual factors, so the latter will be my main focus as we head toward 11/6/12. I’m not terribly enamored of any of the GOP candidates but will vote for the nominee against Obama. While I will mostly critique Team Left I will also critique Team Right.

I have been a dabbler all my life. My eclecticism has spread me wide. I want to use this blog to share and explore my many interests. My plan is to make this a unique place on the ‘Net. And fun, hopefully. After all, how many Deadhead wingnuts are there out there?

Thanks for stopping by!



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